Services and Pricings

We believe in the power of great design, regardless of your platform or size. Whether you're a budding startup or an established enterprise, we're here to elevate your User Experience and User Interface Design.

Brain Picking Call - 60 minutes

US$ 350,00

one-time payment
Are you on the fence about your next steps, or just need an expert opinion on your product's UX/UI?

In this focused strategy session, we'll dissect your current design, discuss potential improvements, and plan your next moves.
You'll get quick feedback on your product's UX and UI, so you can start making improvements right away.
- Get immediate design tips
- Spot issues you may have missed
- Catch problems early to save time and money
- Learn ways to make your product look better
- Be sure your project is on the right track

Design Audit

starting at US$ 1000,00

one-time payment
Gain a clear understanding of your User Interface current state and how it can be improved.

The result? A more intuitive, appealing, and effective product that meets your business goals and delights your users.
A comprehensive audit report that outlines the current UI strengths and weaknesses with actionable recommendations.
- Reduced User Drop-off
- Make your product look better and more consistent
- Increased Conversions
- Stand out from your competitors
- Make sure your design matches your business goals

Experience Audit

starting at US$ 2000,00

one-time payment
Your customers will be happier because your website or app will be easier to use. This can lead to more people using your product or service.

You'll also save money by fixing small problems before they turn into big ones, and you'll be able to make smarter decisions based on facts and data. You'll even get ahead of your competition.
A document that gives you a clear view of how well your product is meeting user needs and where improvements can be made. This is a roadmap to better customer satisfaction.

A detailed outline of issues that may be hindering user experience and preventing your product from reaching its full potential.

An action plan for improvement, not just identification of problems but concrete, actionable steps you can take to rectify these issues and improve user experience.
- Better understand what your users want
- Make your product easier and more enjoyable to use
- Reducer Support Requests
- Keep users from leaving due to usability issues
- Efficient Development

UX Strategy and Roadmap Planning

starting at US$ 3000,00

one-time payment
This comprehensive strategy will help you prioritize features, allocate resources efficiently, and anticipate potential challenges.

With a solid plan in place, you'll be able to outperform your competition and keep your users happy and engaged.
A strategic plan outlining our recommendations and a detailed roadmap outlining future UX initiatives, strategies tailored to meet user needs, and recommendations for user testing and further research.
- Long-Term Vision
- Plan your product updates effectively
- Risk Reduction
- Align your design efforts with your business goals
- Decide what UX improvements to make first


What is UX Audit and why it's important?

A UX Audit is like a health check-up for your digital product. It helps us spot any problems that might be making it hard for people to use your product.

What are the benefits of a UX Audit?

UX audit helps to spot any problems or difficulties users might face while using your product. By fixing the issues, you can make your product easier and more enjoyable to use.

How often should we conduct a UX Audit?

The frequency of a UX audit can depend on various factors like the size of your product, the number of users etc. A good rule of thumb is to conduct a UX audit at least once a year.

We are a company with a well-established brand, can we still benefit from your services?

Of course. Refining the user experience is key to making sure your digital offerings are easy to use, intuitive, and meet your customers' needs.